The idea

Within the framework of his activities as company consultant in the mid seventies Mr. Nünning came across questions with regard to the use of gels. Gels are finely dispersive systems (mixtures) somewhere between a solid and a liquid state. They are defined by their viscosity, for example, whether they are slightly viscose or highly viscose. Solid substances with particle sizes of up to one millionth of a millimetre (also known as colloids) have a function either with or within the gel. The functional determinations may be of both a chemical and a physical nature.

In order to represent the variety of application options, here are a number of examples:
Washing agents in a gel format result in an even distribution of substances throughout the media which results in fast and accurate effectiveness of the raw materials used as well as reduced raw material requirements. The result: Costs, energy use and the effect on the environment are all reduced.

If you wish to store cold or heat, gels produced with the appropriate recipes can be made with increased storage capacities. The heat generation or removal can be considerably slowed by the use of appropriately selected viscosities which means that the cooling or warming effect can be considerably extended. At the same time, the formability of the gel mass is maintained.

Gels help, in a simple manner, to influence physical processes e.g. as a coupling medium (for use with ultrasounds), as absorption or load distributing unit.

It was quickly recognized that the subject of gels required specialist bundling and what would be more appropriate than founding a company designed to devote all of its efforts to this subject. In 1997, it came into being. The company GELLO was founded. GELLO stands for “Gel Logistics”. GELLO® GmbH Geltechnik represents competent use of gels for a wide varieties of applications.