Hot and cold compresses

Generally speaking, we offer compresses in transparent pillow bags made from PA/PE foils. Alternatively, according to purpose, sealed edge bags may also be used.
They are printed in 1 colour and on one side, but they may be printed with multiple colours and/or on both sides if the customer wishes it.


7.5 x 13 cm
50 pieces

13 x 14 cm
50 pieces

12 x 29 cm
25 pieces

16 x 26 cm
20 pieces

21 x 38 cm
10 pieces

30 x 40 cm
6 pieces

7.5 x 35 cm
12 pieces

7.5 x 52 cm
12 pieces

The packaging units maybe selected freely. In this way we are able to supply in bulk, individually or display-packed, in large boxes in pallet size, with standard or with individual printing.
Filling levels, gel types and colours can be varied according to customer requirement.
Hot and cold compresses may also be packed with matching fleece or polyester sleeves. These sleeves may also be provided as bundled accessories.