Mud compresses

Ideally suitable as heat transfer medium with a “natural mud filing”.
The foil bags are skin-friendly, easily shaped and free from phthalates. The product is designed for a hot application.

PU (standard)

12 x 29 cm
5 pieces/Bulk

16 x 26 cm
Individual pack/Bulk

22 x 38 cm
Individual pack/Bulk

30 x 40 cm
Individual pack/Bulk

Neck & Shoulder
(20 x 50 cm)
Individual pack/Bulk

Mud heat pads
The foil used is made from skin-friendly, phthalate-free foil with and without embossing. They are filled either with “natural mud” or mud gel.


18 x 28.5 cm
10 pieces/Bulk or Individual pack

Special sizes and shapes on request