Ultrasound gel

The ultrasound gel we produce is based on a special recipe which is gentle to skin/pH-neutral. Produced under vacuum, we are able to achieve the highest transfer values and offer many years of experience in plastic compatibility in daily device use.
Our ultrasound gel has been dermatologically tested and bio-compatible in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2993.

Gels are filled into cylindrical round bottles made from HDPE.
A hinged or rocker cap may be supplied in accordance with customer requirements.

Containers with contents as of 5 litres are supplied in firm or flexible HDPE.

PU (standard)

250 ml bottle
24 pieces

500 ml bottle
20 pieces

1.0 litre bottle
12 pieces

5.0 litre canister
4 pieces

5.0 litre flexible container
Individual packaging

10.0 litre canister

10.0 litre flexible container
Individual packaging