GELLO® GmbH Geltechnik offers a comprehensive range of products for the medical sector.

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We offer compresses in transparent pillow bags made from PE/PA/PE films as a standard. The compresses come with sandwich printing, either in 1 colour on 1 or 2 sides, or multi-coloured on customer request.



  • 9 x 16 or 7,5 × 13 cm /x 50
  • 13 x 14 cm /x 50
  • 12 x 29 cm /x 25
  • 16 x 26 cm /x 20
  • 21 x 38 cm /x 10
  • 30 x 40 cm /x 6
  • 7,5 x 35 cm /x 12
  • 7,5 x 52 cm /x 12


The packing units can be selected as you wish. We supply individually, in bulk or display-packed as well as in large boxes in pallet size, with standard or customised printing. Filling levels, gel types and colours can be changed at the request of the customer. The standard colours are blue and transparent. Hot and cold compresses can also be packed with matching fleece or polyester sleeves. These sleeves are also available as bundled accessories.




The ultrasound gel we produce is based on a special recipe which is gentle on the skin and pH-neutral. Produced under vacuum conditions, we are able to achieve the highest transfer values and offer many years of experience in plastic compatibility for daily device use.

Our ultrasound gel is bio-compatible in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10993.

Gels are filled into cylindrical round bottles made from HDPE. Containers of 5 l or more are supplied in rigid or flexible canisters made from HDPE.


PU (Default)

  • 250 ml bottle, x 24
  • 500 ml bottle, x 24
  • 1.0 l bottle, x 12
  • 5.0 l canister, x 4
  • 5.0 l flexible, container individual packing
  • 10.0 l canister, individual packing
  • 10.0 l flexible container, individual packing


Please observe application instructions.


Contact agent for diagnostics for ECG, EMG and EEG electrodes. The spray is gentle on the skin, non-greasy, highly conductive and does not contain formaldehyde.


Electrode contact spray


  • 250 ml bottle, x 24
  • 5.0 l canister, x 4
  • 5.0 l flexible container, individual packing


Electrode gel


  • 250 ml bottle, x 24




  •  Empty bottle with cap, x 30
  • Outlet tap for flex. container, x 30
  • Dispenser for 5 l canister, x 10
  • Dispenser for 10 l canister, x 10




Made of printed flat pillow bags in sandwich-print and filled with granules (urea) and a water sac made of a special film for single use. This design achieves an ideal (cold curve), quick and skin-friendly short-term cold effect.


PU (Default)

  • 15 x 27 cm, x 15 per box
  • Special sizes and packaging on request